Katharine Pooley: Journey By Design


by Katharine Pooley

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British designer Katharine Pooley’s refined, sumptuous interiors are inspired by a lifelong zest for adventure. Pooley has traveled extensively around the world; Her journeys are clearly reflected in her bold, eclectic, and daring designs. From the rustic country charm of Forter Castle in the Scottish Highlands, to a contemporary beach villa on the Palm Islands in Dubai, to the golden-red tones of a private residence in Doha, Qatar, Pooley’s expert attention to detail shines in any setting. In addition to her successful design studio, Pooley has two boutiques in Knightsbridge, London and Doha, Qatar that boast a line of curated accessories that bring a dose of luxury to any room. Journey by Design explores the creative process and diverse inspirations behind nineteen of her inimitable projects.

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