A few years ago I was lucky enough to invite myself to visit with friends who were at the time living in Switzerland.  I was ecstatic!  I spent a full week walking around with my mouth and eyes wide open.  While I could literally spend hours talking about the history, the architecture, cobblestones, and the ALPS!  I won’t.  Today I want to share some of the spaces I didn’t even get to go into!

Streets Of Zurich / Bern River / Tunnel Through Alps

One of my favorite things to do when exploring a new city or village is to just walk.  Wandering the streets of Zurich and Bern were no exception!  I loved seeing all the different shops and restaurants, but more importantly the spaces of artisans.  Most of the time these were not particularly open to the public.  Or if they were, I had just missed them closing, or I was too early, or lunch was the priority.  I didn’t mind.  Getting a quick glimpse was all I needed to fall in love!

First thing I noticed was that these artist were keeping their spaces intimate and stocked for creativity.

Reupholstery Shop

Retail and creativity meshed seamlessly and felt as if it were as historic as the surroundings.

Fabric Shop Button Display

Notice the centuries old brick and beam ceiling for this basement studio!

Custom Tailor

Every inch of these spaces were used in any way possible to maximize creative areas.

Custom Jeweler

Another below street level studio.  Would love to know where in the city you can see their work installed!

Blacksmith Studio

Another fun favorite were the antique and curiosity shops.  So fascinating to see what items were available for one to add to their own collection!

Vintage Store / Curiosities Shop / Doll Shop

And last, but not least, an artistry that holds near and dear to my heart.  Interiors!  Oh how I would love to have those tassels hanging from our studio ceiling!

Interior Design Studio

What are some of your favorite shops to stumble upon in your travels?