Complete Anthology

Our full-service interior design is an exclusive concierge service that ensures the best. Complete Anthology enables us to manage your project from the initial concept through the completion and final details in your home. We pride ourselves on making this process both exciting and stress-free for our clients.  Click here to schedule a discovery call today!

Is Complete Anthology right for me?

  • I have seen Interior Anthology’s portfolio and love the clean-lined traditional style. I also desire the same level of detailed design for my own home.
  • I prefer to trust the process and leave it to the design professionals. I want a beautiful home but do not have the time to shop, design or manage a project.
  • I want to renovate my home and need a trusted team of professionals to guide me through the process from start to finish.
  • I am interested in high-quality and timeless furniture pieces that will not only be beautiful and functional but allow for my family to live in and transition through the years.

A few things you can expect with Complete Anthology.

Every project has a comprehensive 3 phase design process that is both detailed and customized for you.

  • Conceptual Design Phase – This is a crucial phase to understand what the vision is for your project. You can first expect IA to develop detailed floor plans and appropriate elevations with measurements from your home to ensure the best layout for your project. IA will create inspiration boards to communicate what we envision and pull initial selections that become the starting foundation for the project. Lastly to help determine what will be needed to make the project a reality, from furnishings to trades, IA will create a project scope and investment estimate. As well as conduct a “Trade Day” at your home to consult with trades and vendors to ensure accurate quotes and discuss obstacles if any.
  • Detailed Design Phase – Once a design direction has been established IA will start to execute all the various design details in accordance with approved inspiration boards and initial selections that fit within a client approved investment estimate. Approved floor plans will be built upon with necessary drawings and elevations needed for the project. When selections, floorplans, drawings, and numbers are confirmed with the approved investment estimate a detailed design presentation will be showcased to the client.
  • Purchasing and Execution Phase – Several key factors for the project happen in this last phase. Items for your project will be purchased and delivery times assessed and managed. Construction will begin and IA closely monitors and coordinates project logistics with trades, vendors, and renovation progression. As construction starts to come to a wrap coordination on deliveries and installations begin. IA will provide a turnkey furniture installation and plan and execute styling for the project. Lastly the reveal for the project will include several factors. The client will receive detailed documentation that supports the care and maintenance of your project for future During this time, the client will also review any styling executed for the project and confirm what they want to keep or return from a detailed list provided by IA. To wrap up the project IA will have your newly completed project photographed.

If this sounds like it’s for you, lets get started! Please fill out a quick client questionnaire and we will be in touch to schedule time to talk about your project with principal designer Jennefer Guthrie! Looking forward to working with you!