Exterior Walls

Farrow & Ball offers exterior wall finishes that complement any space. All Farrow & Ball colors are available in a range of finishes to help you transform your home inside and out. All Farrow & Ball paints, from their matte emulsions to our brilliant gloss, are made with a water base. That means they’re safer, faster-drying, lower in odor and VOCs, and better for the world we share, with absolutely no compromise on color or performance.

Find Your Finish

See our suggested finishes below to find your perfect fit!

For a low-shine finish we suggest:

Exterior Eggshell (20% Sheen) – Exterior Eggshell is a long lasting, durable, breathable finish for exterior wood and metal. The formula Farrow & Ball created for Exterior Eggshell protects outdoor wood and metal by helping to prevent mold and mildew. This is a resin rich formula that withstand peeling, flaking, and fading up to 6 years.

For brick, render, and concrete we suggest:

Exterior Masonry (2% Sheen) – Exterior Masonry is a durable, breathable, water resistant finish for exterior masonry. The formula used to create Exterior Masonry helps walls remain water resistant while also offering the highest level of water vapor permeability. This allows breathability within walls. When properly applied, this super matte finish resists peeling, flaking, and fading for up to 15 years.