For those of you considering hired help for your design needs, look no further. From traditional to eccentric interiors, to art curation, they offer it all. Interior Anthology is a boutique interior and art curation design firm located in Nashville, TN.

Rick and Jennefer Guthrie are a husband and wife team who started their collaboration in 2015 with the birth of Interior Anthology. I had the honor of interviewing them to give their potential clients a better understanding of what Interior Anthology is all about and why you need them.

What sparked the idea of Interior Anthology and why is it important for Nashville?

Rick: “I’m not sure about the ‘spark’, it mostly just made sense. What we each did separately – we also did together. Bringing things into one unit just seemed natural.”

Jennefer: “So often interior design and art curation go hand-in-hand. Interior Anthology works perfectly because we merge the needs of interior design and art as one full-service. Ultimately, we are passionate about art, interiors, traveling and collecting, and we long to share this passion with others. These points of interest are what drive us daily and is the basis of our business. Even the name of our business reflects this. Just as an anthology is a collection of literary works, we take it on as a collaboration of ‘collections’ for interiors with our clients, artist and craftsmen creating the lifestyle so many of our clients seek and enjoy. ”

Rick: “As far as the importance to what we do for Nashville, I’ve done this long enough to know that what we do is of no interest to a certain component of Nashville, and that’s okay by me. There is a large and, thankfully, growing segment of creative, open, interesting, looking for something different or a ‘new way’ kind of people that want and need what we do best. Our clients vary greatly in all demographics, but the common thread is a desire to ‘participate’ in what their next phase is going to feel like. Those are our people.”

Image above: Interior finishes selected by Jennefer highlighting a commissioned painting Rick curated. Artist: Jason Saunders, Photography: Andrea Behrends

What led you to choose interior design / art curation as a career?

Jennefer: “I knew I wanted to design since childhood, around the 6th grade I was pretty sure it was my calling. What I enjoy most about interior design is that it is one huge umbrella. The design field has so many facets and I love exploring and implementing each one of them.”

Rick: “I got my initial start in the art business by learning the trade and craft of fine art framing. This then grew into an interest and passion for all things related to art. Now I have a hand in a variety of services not limited to fine art framing, but finding and selling art, to restoration and appraisal of art as well as large scale procurement and installation. I used to say ‘if it hangs on the wall-that’s what I do,’ but over time walls weren’t broad enough.”

Image above: Commissioned donor painting and bust pedestal at Nashville Public Library organized, designed, and installed by Rick.  Painting: Dawn Whitelaw, Sculpture: Bruce Wolf, Photography: Andrea Behrends

What makes your approach to design / art unique?

Jennefer: “I have 8 years of experience working commercially in the hospitality and senior living field; therefore, I am extremely comfortable when tackling large scale residential projects. Knowing the importance and understanding what needs should be met as we age, as well as providing the feel of luxury, such as what you experience upon entering a hotel lobby, are just two ways I approach designs for my residential clients. Ultimately though I have a love for collecting and pass that love onto clients by providing a well-rounded, curated space that is both expressive and livable.”

Rick: “2017 is my 25th year in the world of art. Over that time, I have seen the business from every angle and have participated in multiple facets. Through the years, I have gleaned knowledge, contacts and relationships with artists, galleries, and fabricators. Mostly I’ve made a lot of wonderful and talented friends who I like to share with clients.”

Do you have a personal favorite genre of art or favorite design style? Why?

Jennefer: “I love storytelling, anything vintage and am completely obsessed with primitive antiques! I know this sounds insane, but my personal space could include an early 1800’s cabinet with a Harvey Probber sofa, topped off with a Charles Keiger painting. That feels good to me.”

Rick: “I have an appreciation and passion for many genres of art – from traditional to contemporary to eclectic and sometimes nowhere in between. Our house is a melting pot of all things art…and our pot doth overflow.”

Image above: Primitive cabinetHarvey Probber sofa, and Charles Keiger’s “Baptism in Song” artwork.

Where do you see Interior Anthology in the next 5 years?

Jennefer: “I see us doing more of what we already love to do. But would also like to add more artists and artisans to our repertoire, even large scale sculpture. And I would love see the possibility of designing textiles and home accessories!”

Rick: “For starters I feel quite blessed where we are now, and I’m not much given to a ‘master plan.’ What comes to mind is travel. When we travel, we are constantly looking for something that excites us…what’s our next ‘find.’ That in itself keeps the work interesting, so we need to see more. When on the road, we like to stay in boutique hotels. I think working on projects like that is fabulous fun. We have a bit and really enjoyed it. I’d like to see more in our future. It suits us on several levels. Beyond that, long bike rides and hikes.”

For more information on services provided by Rick, Jennefer and the team here at Interior Anthology, check out the website or contact them at or

Image above: Rick & Jennefer Museum of Fine Arts, Boston visit

This blog was written by: Rachel Tate