Earth Day is approaching, and you may be wondering what you can do to participate. There are so many easy ways to be kind to the Earth, some taking only seconds out of your day! Below are some of our favorite eco-friendly ways to celebrate:


  1. Clean up

Cleaning up natural spaces can be a great way to celebrate Earth day. This is something you can do on your own or with family and friends. We recommend taking a look at events being held by local parks, as many may be holding cleanup events or other special Earth day activities.

Cleaning up litter helps to beautify the area while protecting wildlife and the ecosystem from toxic and dangerous materials. If you see a piece of trash while on your daily walk, step out of your way to pick it up!


  1. Start a Garden

Planting a garden full of native plants and wildflowers is great for the environment. Birds, bats, bees, and other insects are all pollinators that are essential for a healthy ecosystem. By planting native species, you’ll be helping provide these necessary creatures with food and shelter.

Vegetable gardens are also a great way to sow the Earth some love. Whether you have a large plot of land, or a small planter on your patio, it’s easy to grow fruits and vegetables that your family can enjoy.


  1. Plant a Tree

Planting a tree can be much simpler than it sounds. Saplings can be found at nurseries, or you can start from scratch! Trees are a great way to purify the air around you and provide homes for small animals. Fruit trees are great for both functionality and aesthetics, beautifying the area while also providing sweet fruits for you to enjoy!


  1. Composting

A great way to recycle and keep your garden healthy is to compost your food scraps! Adding organic matter to your soil improves both it’s structure and health, adding moisture and nutrients your plants need. You can compost items such as: fruit and veggie scraps, tea leaves and coffee grounds, eggshells, and even plant trimmings. Your garden will thank you!