With the changing of season comes new hobbies and what’s a better way to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather than starting a cut flower garden? Diving into growing flowers can be intimidating but it’s actually easier than you think. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing sprouts flourish into flowers that can then be used to make beautiful arrangements all season long. Read along to find out how to get started!

When starting a garden there are a couple of things you’ll need:

1.) A shovel to plant your seeds. 

2.) Pot or planter for your flowers to grow in. 

3.) Gardening Gloves to protect your hands. 

4.) Watering Can to easily water your seeds/ flowers and keep them growing. 

5.) Potting Soil – it’s important to pick a soil rich in nutrients for your flowers to thrive. 

6.) Flower food (this is optional it just provides a little extra nutrients).

7.) Seeds of your favorite flowers. Some seeds that I find easy to grow and that produce beautiful flowers are: Ranunculus, Snapdragon, Stock, and Delphinium. These come in a variety of colors so there are many to choose from. 

The first thing you want to do is fill about 3/4 of the pot or planter with potting soil. Make sure the soil is spread out in an even layer. If you are using flower food, sprinkle a little bit on top, then its time to to plant the seeds. Depending on what you’re planting the seeds may need to be buried a couple of inches in the soil. For most flowers, their seeds can be sprinkled in the pot and covered with a thin layer of soil. Be sure to read the seed packaging to find out how deep they need to be planted. If you’re planting more than one type of flower, don’t forget to label where each one is so you remember where everything is planted.

Now all that’s left to do is water the seeds and wait for your flowers to grow! It’s important to water about once a day, ensuring your soil never dries out. If you forget a day don’t worry your flowers will be okay just try to remember. 

Within the first couple of weeks, you should start noticing little sprouts. From then on they will continue to grow and flourish into beautiful blooms. Soon enough you will have a lush garden of flowers ready to cut and make stunning flower arrangements!