House Stalking 11930 Edition

The first time I visited the Hamptons it was cold, super windy and completely covered in snow. It was miserable to be honest. There were not many businesses open and it just seemed so desolate. All these big beautiful homes, completely empty.

A Glimpse of Swiss Konstnär

A few years ago I was lucky enough to invite myself to visit with friends who were at the time living in Switzerland. I was ecstatic! I spent a full week walking around with my mouth and eyes wide open. While I could literally spend hours talking about the history, the architecture, cobblestones, and the ALPS! I won’t. Today I want to share some of the spaces I didn’t even get to go into!

Simple Changes, Great Impact – Kitchen Renovation

We love a good renovation! There is something about taking down walls, reconfiguring an area for better function and then seeing it finished out that makes our job so worthwhile. But sometimes even the simplest of renovations are even more rewarding! We recently had a sweet couple move to the area and reach out for help on their kitchen that wasn’t functioning properly for a young growing family.

Green Hills – Aging in Place

We often have clients who have relocated to Nashville. Whether it is to be closer to the grandchildren, new employment, or a second home for retirement, we have seen an increase of baby boomers to the area. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with clients in the ever growing Green Hills area. Having purchased a home located fantastically close to their grandchildren, and all other items on their list—save one. The downfall…the master bathroom.