Color Theory In Design

We live in a world full of rich, beautiful colors which have the ability to affect a person both mentally and physically. Despite this, the colors chosen to adorn our spaces are often times based upon personal taste, not necessarily color theory and psychology. This is not to say you must get rid of your favorite color that you have plastered around your home. The color and design of a space should represent the homeowner, but I do think it is important to carefully curate the colors throughout your home to create your desired atmosphere.

Farrow & Ball – A Paint Beyond Colour

In this blogosphere I strive to anger no one or even frustrate anyone, but I’m slightly weary to step into this topic. Buoyed by the immortal words of Admiral Farragut “Damn the torpedoes..!.., and sure footed in my Wellies I wade into a simple glance at social responsibility, indoor air quality (of course), and environmental stewardship – all as experienced under the spectrum of color that is Farrow & Ball.

The Building Permit: 137 Years in the Making

This month one of the most famous churches in the world received a building permit a mere 137 years after construction began. Even though it is still under construction, La Sagrada Familia, designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí has been dropping jaws for a century. Dubbed as one of the greatest modernist architectural feats this Roman Catholic basilica now has a permit….to be built!

For The Love of Color

In August I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with artist, Robin Schlacter. As we sat and spoke of her perspective on life and art and what it means to her, I couldn’t help but to take a deeper look at the world around me and try to comprehend how another artist draws her inspiration for design.