In Stacy’s Kitchen: Meal Prepping

One project that helps us run a tight ship is meal planning and prepping. I usually save that undertaking for Sundays. Sunday funday certainly means something different now that I have a family. But I wouldn’t trade it!

Designing Green

Plants, by design, are a natural stimulant and can immediately elevate your mood. So, by including them in your day to day, you not only enhance your space, but you also create a sense of wellness. At times, it’s truly calms my soul.

A World of Beautiful Food – Volume One

I am fundamentally drawn to food. Most every meal involves friends and family, which helps perpetuate my fondness. I love to cook and try new food, and if I’m lucky, I get to dine out and catch a glimpse of the artists who live out their passion through the beauty of food.

Maple Grove- A Hilltop Haunting

Throughout the ebb and flow of our design work this lifestyle firm will get the fortunate opportunity to add a little holiday flare, and this one did not disappoint as it fell on Halloween and a spooktacular party was in the works. Our entire office is inspired by Halloween. The energy is palpable when it comes to bouncing ideas off one another. Halloween is a holiday that sparks the imagination-and not just when it comes to thinking up creative costumes. It’s those ideas that can be fostered through art and design. With its mysterious beauty and hilltop location, Maple Grove is a place that really stands out. It was effortless to incorporate Halloween decor with its existing decor.