A Late Summer Italian Feast

As summer slowly comes to an end and the nights become cooler, we hope to inspire you to entertain and host like an Italian. The evening’s ambiance is dedicated to family and friends, but also a menu that is reminiscent of the distinctive aromas and flavors of Italy as refined styling ideas inspire “la dolce vita”.

In Stacy’s Kitchen: Meal Prepping

One project that helps us run a tight ship is meal planning and prepping. I usually save that undertaking for Sundays. Sunday funday certainly means something different now that I have a family. But I wouldn’t trade it!

House Stalking 11930 Edition

The first time I visited the Hamptons it was cold, super windy and completely covered in snow. It was miserable to be honest. There were not many businesses open and it just seemed so desolate. All these big beautiful homes, completely empty.