A Legacy of Ed Clark

On a warm July day in 1946 photographer Edward Clark took his camera, several rolls of film, and documented “A Day in the Life of the Opry.” By the evening’s end, Mr. Clark had captured over 100 images of the Opry’s iconic characters, adoring...

Farrow & Ball – A Paint Beyond Colour

In this blogosphere I strive to anger no one or even frustrate anyone, but I’m slightly weary to step into this topic. Buoyed by the immortal words of Admiral Farragut “Damn the torpedoes..!.., and sure footed in my Wellies I wade into a simple glance at social responsibility, indoor air quality (of course), and environmental stewardship – all as experienced under the spectrum of color that is Farrow & Ball.

2nd Half

For fifty years now I have lived a charmed life. Things have not always gone to plan, but it wouldn’t be living if they did.

Cabin Porn

Last blog post I pulled a project from the “favorites of the past.” This time I’m completely taken with a current/future project, but what brought me here is a love from very long ago. It started for me as it does for most kids, boy and girl alike – a blanket and something tall, a chair, sofa, or the dining room table. The more wood involved the better. When you are younger than reasonable understanding, more imaginative than John and Paul while writing Sargent Pepper’s, and – no cable TV (almost no TV at all), no video games, no internet (no problem – no computer!), cell phone..?.come on…!.., you can create wonderful adventures out of the abundance of “nothing” that you do have. So, began my love of cabins.