In this blogosphere I strive to anger no one or even frustrate anyone, but I’m slightly weary to step into this topic.  Buoyed by the immortal words of Admiral Farragut “Damn the torpedoes..!.., and sure footed in my Wellies I wade into a simple glance at social responsibility, indoor air quality (of course), and environmental stewardship – all as experienced under the spectrum of color that is Farrow & Ball.


For those “in the know” Farrow & Ball offer:

 132 (Standard palette colors)

 16 (Colour by Nature palette colors)

 8 finish selections

 100’s & 100’s of the most luscious wall coverings – each with a “can’t help but touch” hand

Collectively and individually reason enough to fall in love with this iconic brand.  For those who still need more, or should I say, a “higher purpose” to become a Farrow & Ball devotee let me present a number of additional – Wow factors!



On the product side:






On the Farrow & Ball corporate side:

OK, so maybe this blog isn’t as caustic as I feared.  It’s just about trying to do better, be better with what we have.  No harm in that!  Just because we have a usable resource: should we consume it into extinction, and if we have a desire should our “want” be pursued regardless of the affects to others.?.  We get one trip around this ball that doesn’t mean we should burn through it by the time our “time” has run its course.  Make a better product – make a better world.  Use a better product – use less of that world.   While driving to the office today and thinking about this blog, though slightly over the posted limit, I was clearly moving too slow for the person behind me.  After a much too drastic maneuver, the race tract wannabe, and I were both stopped looking at the back of the truck in front – who didn’t run the red light!  For the next few moments of pause I contemplated the phase “survival of the fittest.”  A Darwinian term dealing with natural selection, which has over time been conscripted by all persons narcissistic as credo to a life centered around not self-sufficiency, but rather self-aggrandizement and an “I’m all that matters” mentality.  Which lead me to the “Golden Rule” – I think we all know this one.  Even those who don’t practice it know it!  Being kind (assuming none of us truly desire mistreating) isn’t being weak – being selfish is.   “Being a good steward” is often linked with money and that is certainly part of the much larger proclamation.  Stewardship is all-encompassing of life: yes, maybe even the paint one uses.?.?  Life is short, life is hard, life is complicated, but it’s also a beautiful and blessed thing – so give back as much or more than you get.

To help keep it simple—Farrow & Ball— A color worth changing for.

Resolution Anyone?!?!?