A Glimpse of Swiss Konstnär

A few years ago I was lucky enough to invite myself to visit with friends who were at the time living in Switzerland. I was ecstatic! I spent a full week walking around with my mouth and eyes wide open. While I could literally spend hours talking about the history, the architecture, cobblestones, and the ALPS! I won’t. Today I want to share some of the spaces I didn’t even get to go into!

Designed for Travel

Traveling is something my soul requires, and I’m sure this is a  “problem” that most people can relate to.   Not only is travel something I love to do, there are countless articles online that explain the benefits that traveling provides for your...

Toronto: In Love with the Queen City of Canada

It is no surprise that the fourth largest city in North America is awash with culture, art and wonderful architecture. We took a quick fall break trip and were only able to scratch the surface of what this great city has to offer. This is a sampling of what we were able to dig into, which was just enough to completely fall in love with Toronto.