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Part Two – Gardening For Beginners

How To Preserve Summer Produce & Planting For Fall It has been a learning curve and the most delightful experience this summer with my garden. Growing your own food is rewarding and exciting, so what better way than to continue this fun into fall and try my hand...

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Tennessee Summer Bucket List

Typically, this time of year my husband and I are vacationing by the lake in Michigan with family. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, our summer plans, like many others, have been interrupted. Instead of giving in to my disappointment, my...

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House Stalking – 02108 Edition

Just recently Rick and I watched in its’ entirety, all 11 seasons, 275 episodes, of the television sitcom Cheers.  And while we had fun listening to Carla’s timely cutdowns, especially towards Diane, it mostly made me reminisce of a fall break trip we took to Boston a...

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Iroquois Steeplechase

One of Nashville’s most prominent traditions that has gone on for over seven decades will not be the same this year. The Iroquois Steeplechase attracts more than 25,000 spectators each year and is an event so many of us look forward to. Since 1941, the Iroquois...

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Color Theory In Design

We live in a world full of rich, beautiful colors which have the ability to affect a person both mentally and physically. Despite this, the colors chosen to adorn our spaces are often times based upon personal taste, not necessarily color theory and psychology. This is not to say you must get rid of your favorite color that you have plastered around your home. The color and design of a space should represent the homeowner, but I do think it is important to carefully curate the colors throughout your home to create your desired atmosphere.

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