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Summer Dinner Party

With summer in sight, what is a better way to enjoy the warmer weather, and longer nights than hosting a dinner party? One of my favorite things about dinner parties is the amount of creativity you can put into them; you can take a simple meal and easily elevate it to...

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Spring Cleaning

Now that the flowers have bloomed and the air is fresh and warm, it’s time to get our homes freshened up as well!   Before you start your spring cleaning, its important to scope out your home and make a cleaning schedule. What rooms feel the most cluttered? Once...

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Herb Garden Essentials

Spring is finally here! Which means it is time for my favorite spring activity, gardening. I love to kickoff the gardening season with my herb garden so I can enjoy it all season long and into the summer. Having fresh herbs in your garden means easy access when...

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Welcome 2023!

We are excited for the many wonderful things 2023 has in store for us all!  Rick and I personally wanted to send a thank you for the amazing support we have received over the last 7 years.  Interior Anthology continues to grow and expand and we are so excited to have...

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IA Hardwood Floor Collection

We are so proud to present our very own hardwood floor collection comprised of beautiful prefinished engineered European white oak, engineered walnuts and solid hardwood floors built to last. We invite you to take a journey with us to learn about each of our...

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Saltbox Dreams

During this strange time of uncertainty in the world, Rick and I decided to follow our dream of moving out to the country!  We knew about where we wanted to land, but we did not have a clear plan on how it could come about.  In April, (yes, during the height of the...

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It is that wonderful time of the year again which also means we are all crazy busy trying to get everything done in 25 days! With going non stop, shopping for holiday gifts can be difficult, especially when there is little time to put together something thoughtful....

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Part Two – Gardening For Beginners

How To Preserve Summer Produce & Planting For Fall It has been a learning curve and the most delightful experience this summer with my garden. Growing your own food is rewarding and exciting, so what better way than to continue this fun into fall and try my hand...

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